On Monday, July 6, I join the faculty and staff at East Carteret High School, home of the Mariners.  I look forward to this opportunity to serve the students in the eastern part of the county.  East Carteret is located at the gateway to downeast Carteret County.  It links historic Beaufort, NC, with such down east communities such Bettie, Otway, Straits, Gloucester, Harkers Island, Smyrna, Davis, Merrimon, North River, South River, Atlantic, Sea Level, Cedar Island, Marshallberg, Williston, Lola and Stacy.

ECHS is the gateway that connects Beaufort Middle, Smyrna K-8, Harkers Island K-8, and Atlantic K-8.

East Carteret High School is a gateway of opportunities through which all students east of the bridge must pass on their journeys to post-secondary education and careers.  Similarly, West Carteret High School and Croatan High School serve the same gateway purpose for students from their boundaries in the county.

In times of tight economics,  global competitition, and unpredictable futures — high schools (or gateways) and the preparation they are responsible to provide — are as important and vital as ever.

I really look forward to joining the ECHS gateway and the charge of the Mariners.


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  1. jedward706 says:

    All the best for a joyous and productive year, Joe!

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