Gov. Perdue: Ready, Set, Go

On her official website press release, N. C. Governer Bev Perdue outlines her education strategy called Ready, Set, Go:

Gov. Perdue’s education agenda will work in three steps:

Ready Increasing the number of students who can read, write and do math by the end of third grade.

Set Increasing the number of students that perform at or above grade level.

Go Increasing the number of students taking college credit courses in high school; graduating from high school; going to college; and completing their degree from a community college, college or university.

Specific policy highlights include:

* Incentives for great teachers in hard to staff schools and content areas
* Leadership Academy for school leaders
* Restructure the ABC’s program to include diagnostic assessment, 21st century skills and national assessments so we can see how our students compare to others across the nation and world
* Adopt the Common Core national standards: everyone agrees on the skills that all students need to know to graduate ready to work, go to college or vocational school
* Community College readiness initiative for diagnostic-type assessments to make sure that students graduate with skills necessary to do community college work

Based on the evolution of and our experience with NC ABCs and The Fed NCLB, the only thing certain anymore in education is that the target keeps moving….and it keeps moving higher.  Not a bad thing.  Because it necessitates continuous learning by and improvement of all stakeholders.

More than that, it reflects the rapid changes happening in the broader realms of society:  economy, markets, jobs, culture, information access, technology, globalization, and politics—among others.

Our students, teachers, and leaders will have to work harder than ever, study more than ever, and be more creative than ever just to ensure hope and place in the era of unprecedented change.

And this runs counter-cultural to any long-held traditional sense of national, societal, or individual entitlement.


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