Full Speed Ahead

Just a quick note to CHS stakeholders that–while Lance’s Tour hopes are fading and Spain’s soccer star is rising–we here in Cougar Country are clicking on all cylinders to get our high school up and running.  Teachers and students return in just over a month.

The OneRead for the school community is underway.

And our TLA faculty members have met and are discussing via a wiki what elements from the workshop they wish to include in opening day and ongoing staff development for the year.  The two big items facing us are the New Teacher Eval Instrument and using data to pinpoint expectations and interventions.  The emerging data trend is the growth model vs. the proficiency model.

We have hired a new social studies teacher, a new science teacher, and new cheerleading coaches.  We are wrapping up the interviews for a new band director, and we anticipate that our outstanding band camp will occur as scheduled.

Mr. Hound Dog and Mr. Josh are doing a great job of getting the physical plant in order…and Plain Jane’s is due in very soon to do the floors and carpets.

Still a few kinks in the year-end turnaround of NCWise, the student data management system.  But Ms. Yager, Mrs. Zimarino, Mrs. Krohn, and several teachers have been busy milling around the master schedule…just chomping on the bit to start tweaking student schedules.   Soon, we will Tweet when we are ready for students to come in for schedule adjustments.

We’re in the process of streamlining our website.  It will always be a work in progress, and your suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Our master painter is busy slinging her brush over door jambs and trouble spots like the gym wall.

Football guys are showing up with Coach Perry for fitness work, and volleyball girls are participating with Coach Grice in open gym.

Senior portraits were completed by LifeTouch on July 13.  And many seniors ordered this year’s senior t-shirt:  “This is what a senior looks like.”  Contact Dominic Linares if you want to order one.  Cheerleaders are meeting at their gym to begin their work as well.

Ironic thing is I remember it like yesterday when some of these seniors were much younger players on a club soccer team which with I am affiliated.  Now, hardly recognizable, they are on the verge of launching to adulthood.

Just shows how rapidly things move when folks are constantly engaged in success, continuous improvement and fun.  It’s a lifestyle called full steam ahead.   Enjoy the rest of your much-needed downtime to make sure your engines are ready to roar on the ride of school year 2010-2011.

And, oh yes, don’t blink.


2 Responses to Full Speed Ahead

  1. Chris Emory says:

    Hey Joe,
    Bet you are in hogfish heaven, aren’t you??!!

  2. Roy says:

    Congratulations and welcome. Your blog is very cutting edge and a refreshing way to communicate.

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