The Orchestration Begins

It’s music to our ears:  our new band director is moving to the Crystal Coast this weekend and is energized and capable of leading the Marching Cougars beginning with band camp on Aug 2.   More details soon.

The band hire pretty much fills out the Croatan dance card for the 2010-2011 school year.  The only remaining slot is for a softball coach.

Aug 2 is a big day.  It marks the official beginning of the fall sports season.  So, if you wish to participate in football, volleyball, soccer, girl’s golf, girl’s tennis, or cross country, you will need a current physical.  You also would want to intensify your off-season training.

Our scheduling process is coming along.  It is complicated and difficult work that requires much input and tweaking before we even go public.   Bear with us as we work through the process.  We look to mail schedules and welcome letters sometime before the end of July.

Our enrollment right now stands at an all-time high, with close to 875.  That number will temper a bit naturally before school begins.  Regardless, the halls that are quiet–save for the busy summer time workers–will soon be teeming with a legion of Cougars vaulting for excellence in deed, academics, and extra-curriculars.

It is the annual return of unlimited potential and boundless energy.

Official test results from 2009-2010 will soon be made public.  Early indications are that Croatan will once again post very positive results.  Undoubtedly, this will be cause for celebration accompanied with the challenge to push the bar even higher.

The website continues to go through some iterations.  Mr. Banks and I are currently experimenting with some different looks for the top banner.  Have a look around the site and feel free to weigh in.

Have you read this summer’s OneRead The Great, Wide Sea (Herlong) yet?  I just started it last night.  It is relevant and exciting, yet poignant.   I picked up my copy at the Book Shop next to Food Lion in MHC.

The summer days are ticking down.  The anticipation for another successful school year is ticking up.

Still a little time left to chill.   Slather on another layer of sun block.  Turn a few more chapters of the OneRead.

…but start sharpening those Cougar Claws.   Aug 25 is just around the bend.


2 Responses to The Orchestration Begins

  1. Sheila Moore says:

    Like your blog!
    Good job!

  2. Jill Warren says:

    Mr. Poletti- Welcome! I just discovered your blog and am inspired by your poetic, inspiring plans. I signed up for the RSS feed – now I will feel more a part of the activity and bustle of our school! I am looking forward to 5 more successful years at CHS (I have 2 boys: a rising junior and a rising 8th grader who will march this fall with the band. I am an active band mom, so want to particularly thank you for keeping the spirit of the orchestra and the marching band moving forward. I am looking forward to meeting you and working hard to keep CHS the successful school that it has been for many years. Again, welcome aboard!

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