August 19, 2010

We welcome to the Cougar Den  our new art teacher, Mrs. Olander.  She is an experienced and energetic educator who shares her passion for art and education at her blog.


You Mess With One Man, You’ve Got Us All

August 14, 2010

The Friday night lights beamed as Coach Perry and staff took the mighty Cougars to the field for their first scrimmage of the season. Both JV and Varsity teams saw much action and acquitted themselves well against the Hurricanes of Pamlico.

As impressive as the action on the field, however, was the atmosphere at the stadium. It already had the Friday night feeling of the regular season. The students had a pre-game tailgating party. The stands were full. The parents and other spectators cheered and played catch-up.  The concession was open. The cross-town rivals showed up in their team colors. About the only elements missing were the cheerleaders and the band. But I can assure you, they are well on their way!

Little brings a community together like “The Boys of Fall.”

If you need a reminder of what that feeling is like, then check out this 8-minute YouTube video of Kenny Chesney’s great new hit song about high school football. It is at once sentimental and awe-inspiring.  As only he can do, KC captures the heralded American fall tradition that is just around the corner on Friday nights.

Fear not, band fans!  The Croatan marching band halftime show is reaping the benefits of much hard work over the two-week band camp.  For a sneak preview of what Director Gillespie and staff are conjuring up, toggle over to the band site Feng Shui and these Cougar Marching Band videos.

Sun Rising on a New School Year

August 11, 2010

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Diffee)

Rise and Shine

August 7, 2010

Like this young wild pony on the banks rising from relaxation on the beach, many Croatan Cougars are already reporting to campus first thing in the morning for activities like band, football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, and drop/add.  Are you ready?
(Photo courtesy of Mr. Diffee)


August 5, 2010

The official 2009-2010 EOC results are in!

Congratulations, Croatan Cougars.  Your hard work last year–under the formidable  guidance of Mr. Bottoms, Mrs. Zimarino, and Mr. Aldredge–has earned the school quite a designation:  NC Honor School of Excellence with High Growth.

Beyond that, the performance composite–or percentage of  students passing all EOC exams–stands at a remarkable 96.21%.

This number is the second highest of all 370 public high schools in the entire state of North Carolina.  Only Providence High School in Charlotte ranked higher…but not by much.  Providence posted an attainable 97%.

The elite designation for 2009-2010 continues the storied Croatan High School tradition of academic excellence, a tradition that will grow into the future.

It is time to raise the roof, Cougars.  The celebration is more than well-deserved.

2010 ABCs and AYP Status Report (Carteret County)

Carteret County High School Performance Composite Comparison, 2003-2010

Carteret County EOC Proficiency Results, All Subjects – 2006-2010

ABCs of Public Education, 2009-2010

CHS Student Welcome Letter, 2010

August 3, 2010

The following letter and class schedules will be mailed to Croatan students on  Thursday, August 5—

Welcome, Cougars, to School Year 2010-2011.

Ever think about the high performance culture of Croatan High School?   We are a culture of high expectations…where nothing but everyone’s best will do.  We have a safe and caring environment. We are family-friendly, where teachers and staff are always willing to go the extra mile.  We have first-rate programs and extra-curriculars.  Our excellent faculty focuses on its primary objective—To Teach, and our self-respecting student body focuses on its primary objective—To Learn.  Our great support staff strengthens the conditions necessary for success.

And Croatan does enjoy its successes!

Read the entire letter in PDF format:   student welcome letter 2010.