The official 2009-2010 EOC results are in!

Congratulations, Croatan Cougars.  Your hard work last year–under the formidable  guidance of Mr. Bottoms, Mrs. Zimarino, and Mr. Aldredge–has earned the school quite a designation:  NC Honor School of Excellence with High Growth.

Beyond that, the performance composite–or percentage of  students passing all EOC exams–stands at a remarkable 96.21%.

This number is the second highest of all 370 public high schools in the entire state of North Carolina.  Only Providence High School in Charlotte ranked higher…but not by much.  Providence posted an attainable 97%.

The elite designation for 2009-2010 continues the storied Croatan High School tradition of academic excellence, a tradition that will grow into the future.

It is time to raise the roof, Cougars.  The celebration is more than well-deserved.

2010 ABCs and AYP Status Report (Carteret County)

Carteret County High School Performance Composite Comparison, 2003-2010

Carteret County EOC Proficiency Results, All Subjects – 2006-2010

ABCs of Public Education, 2009-2010


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