You Mess With One Man, You’ve Got Us All

The Friday night lights beamed as Coach Perry and staff took the mighty Cougars to the field for their first scrimmage of the season. Both JV and Varsity teams saw much action and acquitted themselves well against the Hurricanes of Pamlico.

As impressive as the action on the field, however, was the atmosphere at the stadium. It already had the Friday night feeling of the regular season. The students had a pre-game tailgating party. The stands were full. The parents and other spectators cheered and played catch-up.  The concession was open. The cross-town rivals showed up in their team colors. About the only elements missing were the cheerleaders and the band. But I can assure you, they are well on their way!

Little brings a community together like “The Boys of Fall.”

If you need a reminder of what that feeling is like, then check out this 8-minute YouTube video of Kenny Chesney’s great new hit song about high school football. It is at once sentimental and awe-inspiring.  As only he can do, KC captures the heralded American fall tradition that is just around the corner on Friday nights.

Fear not, band fans!  The Croatan marching band halftime show is reaping the benefits of much hard work over the two-week band camp.  For a sneak preview of what Director Gillespie and staff are conjuring up, toggle over to the band site Feng Shui and these Cougar Marching Band videos.


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