On Any Given Day at Croatan…

November 22, 2010

871 students are enrolled.

About 30 are absent.

That brings it to 841.

Say about 10 find their ways to ALC.

That leaves us with 831.

And then we might have 15 that get rung up for HW non-compliance one way or another.

That leaves about 816 students on a daily basis who are in school and doing the right things.  816!

I applaud all students who accept the Croatan challenge and work their hardest to excel.

And I guarantee we will continue to try to help those who are struggling with the model of being successful in school.

As you know, the world has shrunk.  And one day our students will be competing for jobs with students who are currently enrolled in schools all over the globe.

Successful students make sure they take every opportunity possible to make themselves globally competitive.

One way that we are trying to encourage success at Croatan this year is by focusing on Individual Student Growth.  That is how well students do on current EOCs compared to prior performance on EOGs and EOCs.  Although we still aspire to be at least 96.2% proficient (that means making III’s and IV’s), we want to see more students this semester and next pushing themselves as far beyond the proficiency bar as they are capable.

If students are capable of making level III’s and Level IV’s–which last year occurred on 96.2% of all exams taken–then they should strive to make the highest level III’s and IV’s possible.

Future-ready students can ill afford to sandbag or settle for mediocrity in their marches to success in the highly competitive future workforce and the highly unpredictable future workplace.


Beta Club: Pinnacle of Success

November 11, 2010

In a school noted for academic excellence, Croatan’s Beta Club members represent the pinnacle of success.  They are stellar in academics, character, service and leadership.  They truly are paragons of the Croatan Way, the high standard to which we have an unwavering commitment.

I would like briefly to spotlight two Beta Club keys—Academics and Service.

Why is academic achievement so important to Croatan?  There are very smart students in great NC cities and towns like Beaufort (and east of the bridge), Morehead City, Topsail, Nags Head, Boone, Cary, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, etc and great US cities like Atlanta, Cleveland, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, New York, etc and great world cities like Shanghai, Jakarta, Montreal, Dublin, Tokyo, Rio, Johannesburg, Milan, etc.  just as there are very smart students in great western Carteret County locations like Emerald Isle, Peletier, Ocean, Cape Carteret, Stella, Bogue, Newport, Cedar Point.

These great students will inevitably and invariably compete for precious jobs—that are becoming increasingly more complex, creative and specialized—in a global economy.  Therefore, academic preparation and competitiveness is paramount.

And why is service so important?  Here is a prime example:  November 10, 2010, marks the 235th birthday of the US Marine Corps; November 11th is Veterans Day.  Not to steal thunder from our Beta Inductees, but the men and women of the United States armed forces epitomize the virtue of service by placing duty to country above self.  Without their service, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today in this great nation.

We would be remiss not to recognize our service men and women and veterans who, along with Beta Club members, embrace the concept of service as a way of life.  Thank you for all you do.

Thank you, students, for your cooperation and respect during the Beta Club induction ceremony.   Thank you, parents, for your continual support of your student and Croatan High School.  Thank you, staff, for continually challenging our students to uncompromisingly high standards…and supporting them along the way.   Thank you, Ms. Sheila Moore and crew, for staging this prestigious event.

Thank you, Beta Club members and 2010 Beta Club inductees, for daring to excel.