The Gift of Croatan

I have often referred to Croatan as a gift, wrapped in shiny paper, with a big ol’ bow on top.  I’m not talking about the building, which is beautiful.  The building and grounds are the package.  Inside is the true gold:  All the people–faculty, staff, students and stakeholders– going about the daily ritual of developing potential and continuous improvement.

We are truly blessed to share the gift of Croatan.

We have worked extremely hard in our classrooms and with our extra-curriculars.  We have much more to do when we return.  In fact, we will have exams only two weeks after we return.  And we will be looking as much at growth as we do at proficiency.

But now it is time for a well deserved break.  May your holiday be bright and memorable, relaxing and rejuvenating, magical and meaningful.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Winter Holidays to all.

Be very very safe in representing your families and school over the holidays, and stay connected to your studies in preparation for final exams.

We look forward to seeing everyone back here in great shape in 2011.


One Response to The Gift of Croatan

  1. Robert Patterson says:

    Dr. Poletti,

    You have a fantastic school and are the driving force behind it’s future success. The school is in caring and capable hands. Your energey and enthusiasm and love of students is all you really need. I am thrilled to see you and your school excelling.

    With love and respect,
    Robert Patterson

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