Good News Abounds at WCHS, Fall 2018

JV Football:  WCHS 27  S-boro 8

Football:  WCHS 41  S-boro 3

JV Football:  WCHS 23  Northside 20

XC:  Congrats to the ladies for winning the 3A East Regional Cross Country Championship. Jenna Reiter was the individual runner up and Eliza Craig Parker and Ariana Wolkerstorfer were also named to the 3A east regional team with top 10 finishes.  Congrats to the mens cross country team for punching their ticket to the state championship with a 4th place finish at the 3A East Regional Cross Country race. Frank Rushok was first and won the individual championship.

Royals 2018:

  • Hallie Piehler, Homecoming Queen
  • Stone Watson, Homecoming King

Football:  Northside 21  WCHS 35

Soccer:  JVs Defeat Northside; V’s Fall 1-0

Football:  JVs and Vs Defeat White Oak

V-ball:  JVs and Vs Sweep Northside

XC:  Conference champions.  Frank Rushok and Jenna Reiter won individuals.  Frank Rushok, Cameron Eure, Jack Lindstrom, August Taber, Shaian Geronimo, Jenna Reiter, Ariana Wolkerstorfer, Eliza Craig Parker and Mishell Regil  finished in the top 10 and were named All Conference.

Tennis:  2nd in Conference

V-ball:  JV and Vs Sweep Havelock

Football:  J-ville 35  WCHS 3

XC NCMilesplit Invitationals:  Women, 1st; Men, 7th

  • Jenna Reiter, race runner up
  • Ariana Wolkerstorfer, Eliza Craig Parker, and Frank Rushok = Top 10

Tennis Regionals:  Angelina Santoro, Hannah Vuncannon and Caroline Beaver

Golf Regionals:  Mason Starling, Daisy Cagle and Sydney McKee

Soccer:  J-ville 1  WCHS 2

V-ball:  Wins over S-Boro and White Oak.  Loss to J-ville.

Soccer:  WCHS 1  White Oak 2

Football:  JVs and Vs Defeated by Havelock

XC:  Victories over S-Boro, White Oak, J-Ville

  • 1st Places:  Jenna Reiter and Frank Rushok

Tennis:  Victories over S-Boro and White Oak

Soccer:  WCHS 1  Croatan 4

JV Soccer:  WCHS 1  Croatan 1

Football:  WCHS 42  Farmville Central 34 (9/29)

Hurricane Florence:  Closes School 9/11 -10/2

Soccer:  S Brunswick 0  WCHS 6  (9/10)

XC:  Women, 2nd; Men, 6th at Knights Invitational (9/8)

Football:  West Craven 12  West Carteret 9

Soccer:  ECHS 0  WCHS 7

XC:  Girls/Boys Defeat Hoggard, Laney, Topsail, Ashley, White Oak (9/6)

V-ball:  WCHS 0  Conley 3

JV V-ball:  WCHS 0  Conley 2

Football:  Croatan 0  WCHS 48  (8/31)

JV Football:  WCHS 20  Croatan 12

XC:  Wins over S-boro, White Oak (8/29)

Soccer:  Croatan 4  WCHS 1

V-ball:  New Bern 3  WCHS 0

JV Soccer:  Croatan 1  WCHS 1

JV V-ball:  New Bern 0  WCHS 2

V-ball:  ECHS 0  WCHS 3  (8/25)

Mullet Bucket:  ECHS 21  WCHS 14

XC:  Girls Defeat Conley; Boys, 2nd

  • Jenna Reiter wins 5k (19:54)
  • Frank Rushok wins 5k (16:58)

Soccer:  New Bern 2  WCHS 0

V-ball:  West Craven 0  WCHS 3  (8/23)

Tennis:  WCHS 6  CHS 3  (8/21)

Blended LearningHigh School Teachers Rock CCTides (8/21)

Soccer:  East Duplin 4  WCHS 0

CongratsMr. Patrick, NCHSAA Hall of Fame, Class of 2019!

Soccer:  Rose 5  WCHS 3 (8/18)

Football:  SE Raleigh 0  WCHS 17 (8/17)

Soccer:  New Hanover 5  WCHS 0

V-ball:  WCHS 2  CHS 3 (8/16)

JV V-Ball:  WCHS 0  CHS 2

Soccer:  WCHS 0  South Central 2  (8/14)

V-Ball:  WCHS 3  ECHS 0

JV V-Ball:  WCHS 2  ECHS 1



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