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I have worked in education for 30 years. My jobs have included teacher, instructional technology facilitator, state department consultant, university program administrator, athletic director,  and K-12 director of media/technology and other programs.

Currently, I am principal of East Carteret High School..  For six years prior to that, I was the principal of Croatan High School.

In SY 09-10, I was an assistant principal/athletic director at East Carteret High School.  In SY 08-09, I was assistant principal at Newport Elementary School..  In SY07-08, I was an assistant principal at West Carteret High School. I was also athletic director for the school system from 2005-2010.

I am/have been a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the North Carolina School Library Media Association, the North Carolina Association of Education and Communication Technology, the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association, The North Carolina Principals and Assistant Principals Association, and the North Carolina Association of School Administrators. I was an original member of the advisory board for North Carolina Virtual Public School. I served on the board of directors for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and am currently vice-president of the Association.

Whether a Yellow Jacket, Yosef, an Achiever, a Cardinal, a Patriot, a Pirate, a Charger, a Cougar, a Hawk, a Mariner, a Beacon, or an Eggie — I have witnessed the power of teams and technology to support and enhance teaching and learning. I am forever curious about such possibilities.

I am a proven collaborator, designer, presenter, writer, leader and innovator for effective change and continuous improvement in  teaching/learning environments.


8 Responses to The Blogger

  1. Melissa says:

    As a fellow Mountaineer, I must correct you. You are not “a Yosef,” you ARE Yosef as I am. Any good Happy Appy would know that. Shame on you. You are Yosef, you are A Mountaineer. (Forgive me for my know-it-allness. I guess the marching band never cheered at your rugby games.)


  2. jpoletti says:


    I’m cracking up with that comment. I needed it in more ways then one! Appreciate the swift kick in the britches. I’ll straighten up and try to fly right.


  3. Shanda Daniels says:

    Hi Mr. Poletti, I was one of the achiever you taught in DC. I’m currently in North Carolina as well. I was also the home girl from Sanford, NC.

  4. Denise Miller (Mamaril) says:

    Mr. Poletti,

    A good chunk of your Achiever students are on Facebook. You should come join us!

    Banneker ’86

  5. Nichole says:

    Mr. Poletti!

    I just wanted to say you are the best English teacher I ever had! I was talking to some English professors today at a faculty conference and mentioned how fantastic you were. So, I looked you up just to let you know. Thanks for doing such a great job. I hope to be as positively impactful with my students, as you were with me. Take care.


  6. Amy Powers says:

    I met you in the winter of 1989 while visiting Banneker with Henry Mc. My visit was inspirational, and I have been teaching for 20 years as a result of my short week there. Thank you for helping me realize what I really wanted to do with my life. I also enjoyed meeting your fellow rugby players at a little place on I Street. That, however, is a story for another day!

  7. Denise Mamaril says:

    We missed you this weekend…there was a get together to celebrate Banneker’s 30th anniversary. I spoke with Mr. Mulcahy about you (he looks fantastic, by the way). Also there were Dr. Day, Ms. Jefferson, Ms. Flagg (still spunky), Ms. Adams, Ms. Bennett, Mr. Moore, Ms. Levine, Ms. Dennis, and many more I can’t remember. Hope all is well with you.

    Denise Miller Mamaril
    Banneker ’86

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